Who is King Crumpet?

King Crumpet is run by Hannah Butler 23, an artist come events organiser based in Hartlepool UK.

"I think my background in sales, business and studying an arts degree has made me look closer into events management. It's been a gradual progression into finding a purpose with my career and doing what I love for a living".

King Crumpet also sell a range of products and promote a handmade ethic at local fairs. "I've spent a few years trading at fairs and it's a strange profession. By this I mean it's very different from selling online. I think
it's important to have customer interaction once and a while so the face behind the brand is seen. If you're proud of your craft then you should tell your locals, attend fairs and trade regularly".

"The 'problems' with trading in a small town is that you're often overshadowed by traders who do not make their products. It can be disheartening to see that the stall next to yours is selling way more than you and yet their
stock is made in China. This isn't necessarily because the quality of their product is superior to yours, it's just that people love a bargain and moneys tight!"

King Crumpet's aim is to provide a platform via events for new and local artists. "I still love to create products and trade myself but the main aim in taking part is to be part of the craft community and get to know other traders. The events that I organise heavily promote the handmade ethic I spoke about earlier. The selection of artists that take part are often very different from each other and this helps attract a diverse audience. I want the traders to make money at the end of the day".

You can keep up to date with King Crumpet and future events via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

All items are posted within 3-5 working business days. First class post only. For returns email KingCrumpetCraft@gmail.com